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Abbey Veterinary Centre
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Vets: Bryan Quilter, Jenny Sherlock

7 Church st Tralee Co. Kerry
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Ask The Experts

Why Vaccinate?


Dogs, cats and Rabbits can contract a number of serious and potentially life-threatening diseases that can be easily prevented by vaccination. A primary course of vaccination, followed by annual boosters is an effective way to prevent your pet from contracting any of these sicknesses.

A vaccination reminder in sent to you in the post when your pet is due their vaccination. Kennel Cough vaccination is needed if dogs are going into kennels. The following diseases are the most commonly encountered that can be prevented with a vaccination:




Parvo: The virus affects dogs causing Vomiting and Diarrhoea, along with internal bleeding. Treatment in intensive and despite treatment a number of animals will not recover.

Leptospirosis: Dogs are usually infected by contact with rats and slow moving water. The disease can also be transmitted to Humans. It damages liver and kidneys and can have fatal consequences.




Cat flu: This virus causes respiratory disease in cats. Some recover while other suffer recurrent bouts of the disease through out their lives.

What about Parasites?


Dogs and cats need to be routinely treated for internal and external parasites. You can buy worming and flea/tick treatments at the reception during opening hours. We recommend giving a worming tablet every 3 months for an adult cat or dog

We recommend giving a flea treatment every month for an adult cat or dog. There is some variation with puppy, kittens and pregnant pets: please ask our vets for further information.






Why neuter my Dog?


Female: Prevent pregnancy and heat. The risk of mammary tumours, ovarian cysts, infections of the uterus and false pregnancies decreases.


Male: Prevent roaming, marking territory, breeding and aggressive behaviour.

From 8 months of age. With large breed female dogs we recommend waiting until after they have been in season for the first time. A general anaesthetic is needed.



Why neuter my Cat?


Female: As the same with female dogs.


Male: Prevent roaming, marking territory, breeding and aggressive behaviour.

From 6 months of age. A general anaesthetic is needed.

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